Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Project Management

Posted on: 21.09.2018 21:43:53

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Having advanced in problem solving via learning, AI has already been with us, but today rather specialized in certain functions and not running in full capacity yet. We do not know each and every aspect of what AI would bring us in the future, but we have to recognize that AI will be able to act as human project manager and handle all or most of the project management and translating tasks sooner or later in the future, some says in 10 years or less. At worst, this would mean that almost all of us will be kicked out.  


Digital Automation (DA)

Before AI, we have seen the software eliminating repetitive tasks in project management. Actually, project management software (]Project-Open[, Projetex, Capterra etc.) and TM-based translation tools (SDL Studio, MemoQ, Wordfast etc) are just another example of automation. It started with stand alone applications and evolved to cloud-based applications today. In time, extended automation features have been adapted to the next generation software, let’s say Extended Digital Automation.


Latest generation: AI + DA

The latest trend is the Extended Digital Automation powered by Artificial Intelligence. Neural machine translation integrated in CAT Tools is an example (SDL Studio). Or, project management platforms integrated in CAT tools with neural machine translation (Smart CAT, MateCat, XMT etc).


Human Project Management and Human Post Editing

Despite stunning innovations achieved in AI and DA during recent years, human intervention remains indispensable at least for today. In the project management, translation output has to be incorporated to the purpose of clients through extensive multi-criteria analysis of the source materials and communication with clients plays significant role. In the translation process too, output received from neural machine engine must be post edited by experienced human editors.



Technology is booming and translation industry will be heavily affected out of combined AI and DA solutions. However, adaptation of people to the new conditions will be slower than technological booming itself. Essentially, adaptation to more and more clever AI + DA solutions by customers and service providers seems to take place generation by generation. 


Human translation will be asked for because some types of translations may not be copied by AI, like marketing translation or game localization. 


Also, MTPE projects need intensive human project management. 


In conclusion, language service providers and true translators will remain as playing actors in the market for some more decades.



Author: Volkan Güvenç 

General Coordinator 

at Alafranga Language Solutions




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