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Posted on: 9.06.2023 10:43:47

Customer Support: The Importance of Taking Responsibility and Providing Solutions



When it comes to language service providers (LSPs), accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. However, despite best efforts, mistakes can happen. In such cases, it is crucial for us to acknowledge their errors and take prompt action to rectify them. This article explores a scenario where an LSP made a mistake and the customer rightfully expects a resolution without incurring any additional costs.


The Mistake

In the world of translation and language services, even the most experienced professionals can occasionally make errors. Perhaps a crucial phrase was mistranslated or a formatting mistake occurred during the desktop publishing process. Regardless of the nature of the mistake, it is vital for us to acknowledge our responsibility and work towards finding a satisfactory solution.


The Customer's Expectation

When a customer discovers an error in the delivered translation or desktop publishing work, it is natural for them to request a free-of-charge resolution. After all, they entrusted their content to us with the expectation of receiving accurate and high-quality services. It is our responsibility to address the mistake promptly, efficiently, and without any additional financial burden on the customer.


Taking Responsibility

We understand the value of maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Recognizing their mistake and taking responsibility is the first step towards resolving the issue. By acknowledging the error openly and promptly, we demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction and their willingness to make amends.


Providing Solutions

Once the mistake is acknowledged, the LSP should offer viable solutions to rectify the error free-of-charge. This could involve retranslating the content, conducting additional quality checks, or redoing the desktop publishing work. The specific solution will depend on the nature and extent of the mistake. It is crucial for us to communicate the proposed resolution clearly to the customer and seek their approval before proceeding.


Communication and Transparency

Throughout the resolution process, open and transparent communication is key. We keep the customer informed about the steps being taken to fix the mistake and provide regular updates on the progress. Clear timelines should be established, ensuring that the resolution is delivered within a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, we are readily available to address any concerns or questions the customer may have.


Building Trust

Resolving a mistake free-of-charge is not only about rectifying the error itself but also about rebuilding trust and confidence in the customer relationship. By demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering on their promise to fix the mistake without financial implications, we have the opportunity to strengthen the bond with the customer and showcase their dedication to providing exceptional language services.



In the world of language services, mistakes can occur despite our best efforts. However, what sets a professional LSP apart is her ability to take responsibility, provide solutions, and rectify the error without any additional cost to the customer. By acknowledging the mistake, communicating openly, and delivering a satisfactory resolution, we can not only rectify the immediate error but also build long-lasting trust and loyalty with our valued customers.

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