Localization of movies

Client: Studio DSE

Istanbul based high capacity studio providing audio visiual services for significant clients.

Studio DSE's requirements:

Localization of movies into world languages. Also, translation of agreements with secrecy-level confidentiality.


Our solution

Line restrictions for the sentences had to taken care of so that the subtitling can be done properly. Tone of voice was also needed special attention (metropol language) as specified by Studio DSE. All of the translators were chosen among those who have previous track record in movie translation. Movies (mp4) and source files (srt) were received and then the requirements of the translation were instructed to the translators of German, French, Azeri, Arabic, Turkish languages. In the course of translation process, some of the questions from translators were forwarded to Studio DSE and answers were shared instantly.


Very recently, we have conducted a Japanese translations for Studio DSE and our collaboration has been continuing in both directions.