Multi-language localization of iSii compact

Client: Hoogendoorn Growth Management 

Rotterdam based company developing software and associated products particularly for greenhouses.


Hoogendoorn’s requirements

Localization of the user-friendly software, named iSii compact controls irrigation in greenhouses and open field and manages greenhouse climate. Target languages were Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic. Interface content of the project was packed with Passolo while help part was packed with Studio. Main challenge was that farmers must understand everything.


Our solution

Mr. Guvenc, Global Operations Manager from ALS travelled to Rotterdam office to meet the staff and discuss the project details face to face.

For this localization project, country-in localizers were assigned, familiar with horticulture and localization projects, and experienced in Passolo and Studio. For example: Irina was from Kharkiv for Russian, Ukrein; Carolina was from New Mexico, Mexico for Spanish; Nicolas was from La Bassée, France for French; Umit was from Ankara, Turkey; Lion was from Seoul, S. Korea for Korean and Chenlu was from from Shanghai, China for Chinese; Hiroko was from Antalya, Turkey for Japanese. 


Discussion forum was put into application to discuss questions and answers quickly with all translators and project managers. As needed, some of the questions were shared with Hoogendoorn and an answers were shared with all project members on discussion forum.


Implemented term-list was prepared by ALS and verified by Hoogendoorn. 



Hoogendoorn was satisfied with the result. We support for updates so far. Also, we have localized many more marketing materials for more languages including Dutch, English, Polish, czech , hungarian , Farsi, German, portuguese.