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Film and Television Content
We translate movies, TV shows, documentaries, and web series for international distribution. This includes not only subtitles but also dubbing and closed captioning.


Corporate and Marketing Materials
This includes videos, adds and intros. Localization ensures that marketing messages resonate culturally with the target audience.

Youtube videos
YouTube videos that are often subtitled in other languages span a wide range of categories, catering to diverse audiences and purposes.


Educational Content
This includes the translation of e-learning modules, online courses, educational videos, and academic presentations to make them accessible to a broader audience.


Video game localization, including in-game text, manuals, and marketing materials, is a growing area for translation services.

Voice-over and Dubbing Services

At ALS, we bring your content to life in any language with our professional dubbing and voice-over services. We understand that the power of voice can transform your multimedia content into a globally engaging experience. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality, culturally resonant audio solutions for a wide range of media.

Our dubbing service is more than just translating content; it’s about recreating an immersive audio experience in a new language. We offer:

Native Voice Actors: Our talent pool includes native speakers to ensure authenticity in every performance.

Lip-Sync Accuracy: We focus on precise lip-syncing to maintain the natural flow and timing of the original content.

Diverse Genres: Whether it’s movies, TV shows, animations, or commercials, we cater to all genres.

Cultural Adaptation: We pay special attention to cultural nuances, ensuring the dubbed content resonates with the target audience.


Subtitling Services

We specialize in providing exceptional subtitling services to make your content universally accessible and engaging.

Our subtitling services include:


Broad Language Spectrum: We offer subtitling services in a wide range of languages, ensuring your content reaches audiences across the globe.

Precision and Clarity: Our subtitles are carefully crafted to convey the meaning and emotion of the original content while being concise and easy to read.

Diverse Content Types: Whether it’s films, TV shows, online courses, corporate videos, or webinars, we provide subtitles that suit various formats and genres.

Timing and Synchronization: We ensure that subtitles are perfectly synchronized with the audio, providing a seamless viewing experience.


Cultural Sensitivity: Our team is adept at handling cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and regional dialects to maintain the essence of your content.