Game localization

Our mission is to transfer Joy of Play to localized versions. We support international game developers and publishers who want to increase their revenues in non-English language zones.


Game localization requires a high level of knowledge and mastery in the game terminology and writing conventions. Thanks to our project managers, true game masters will be matched to your project, understanding sprit of your game.


Integrated solutions

Game localization is simply a linguistic, technical and cultural adaptation of the content including on-screen text, scripts, help files as well as social media and websites. In addition, we also offer testing, dubbing or subtitling. read more..


Art of terminology

First, our game masters work on key references, for example: item names, locations, character names, query titles as well as other tools and objects. Our game masters take terminology with care to adopt right words for character classes (assassin, berserker, cleric, druid, healer, monk, paladin, ranger, shaman, thief, guard, warrior, wizard etc.), locations (world map, towns, villages etc.), items, skills, spells, vehicles, pets etc.



The game is also a cultural phenomenon, with millions of players forming a very active global community. In this regard, some of the games (with emphasis on RPG) may have more text than the others and game localization enable developers and publishers to reach out to gamer players no matter where they may be located.

Linguistic quality

The linguistic quality contributes a great deal to winning the hearts of game players, particularly in text-based games. We also know from experience that the right tone of voice and language style that is adapted to a game will create a positive attitude toward your game. To achieve this, our game masters think like art directors while localizing your game. read more..


Massively multiplayer online role-playing games 

Particularly, massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs have a lot of text to be translated. We translate and localize of your text-based games keeping in mind that success of cultural adaptation will be dependent on the linguistic adaptation with special emphasis on live terminology and appropriate style. 


Mobile games

It is pretty easy to purchase and download mobile games from Online Shops using your mobile devices. That's why mobile games proliferated due to the rise of smartphone and tablet. Our project managers are ready to be your single point of contact in your multi-language mobile game localization requirements.



After localized texts are exported to your game, our master testers open your game and review the on-screen texts to spot any possible issues.


We consider and understand the challenging factors behind game localization and, offering customized and affordable solutions.