Machine Translation

Neural Machine Engines 

Machine translation (MT) has historically received negative feedback as it often proved to be more of a distraction than a helpful tool when used in conjunction with translation memory (TM). However, the emergence of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology has sparked a paradigm shift, offering astonishing results that instill hope for a new era of translation.


Through meticulous authoring control, utilization of customized MT engines equipped with the latest glossaries and memories, and the addition of human post-editing, MT has now reached a stage where it can generate near-human quality output at a faster pace than traditional translation for many types of texts. Generally, the costs associated with MT fall between the rates for translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP), while productivity further improves when dealing with larger volumes.

Light and Full Post-Editing

According to many people, full translation by Neural Machine engine is the future. Improvement is taking place each day as the MT engine is fed by additional human-translated bilingual content. Even today, depending on the parameters of the source texts, NMT may work well for your mass translation requirements. Considering Light and Full Post-Editing requirements, our experienced and well trained human editors perfectly compare the source and target segments to establish accuracy, consistency and tone of voice. 


Extra-large content

Even though NMT is not complete as of today, improvement is breathtaking. NMT engines are able to learn from old TMs, which makes it possible to translate the large contents by running NMT engines and post-editing by human post-editors. We are able to run feasibility tests to express our opinion whether your source texts are technically appropriate for NMT.


ISO 17100 and 18587

Project management, terminology management and language quality assessment must be carefully taken into consideration in comprehensive machine translation projects. Our NMT teams are confident to apply our experience since 2002 to NMT projects to achieve excellent translations in the target languages.


We perfectly understand the challenging factors related to post-editing and offer complete, accurate, on-time and cost-effective solutions.