Company Profile

Alafranga Language Solutions (ALS) is an enterprise officially registered in Istanbul on 2002 and in Dubai on 2010, and offers professional project management solutions for:


   - human translation, 
   - localization, 
   - machine translation, 
   - interpretation,
   - transcription,
   - desktop publishing and,
   - subtitling.


mainly to the clients headquartered in NewYork, London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Madrid, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Washington, California, Chicago, Totonto, Sydney, Dubai and Istanbul.


Global vendor network

The private vendor network has evolved along with the thousands of projects accomplished so far. Our authorized project managers are able to get access to a private network of 5,100+ language consultants and full archive related to the previous projects. 


Client portfolio from all over the world

We have advanced over the years with international clients (800+) towards becoming even more reliable, flexible and upfront to new solutions in a world of new market conditions.


Our mission

We walk with our clients as they are adapting to the ever changing business climate. As a result of continuous efforts, our technological standing is at the forefront. Behind ALS is a great team, and we will be happy to incorporate our internal knowledge accumulation into your demanding projects.


2002 - ALS was founded by Mr. Volkan Guvenc in a small office to offer translation services to individuals and local small businesses. 

2005 - ALS started to sign contracts with local and foreign companies headquartered in Turkey. 

2006 - ALS begins transformation process to extend its presence and outreach to global markets.  ALS has gradually extended the included language range to support the languages of culturally and geographically neighbouring countries. 


2007 - ALS became an overseas member of Association of Translation Companies (ATC) based in the U.K. ALS adopted ]Project Open[ in order to automate and integrate all management operations and we are proud to be the first translation company in Turkey that started using ]Project Open[. 


2011 - ALS service quality is audited by Bureau Veritas for certification of European Quality Standard for translation services and officially entitled to have the certificate of EN 15038:2006. 


2012 - ALS formed a sister company, Alafranga Language Solutions FZE (ALS Int.) registered in RAK nearby Dubai in U.A.E. 


2015 - ALS formed a game localization team that is specialized in game localization projects. 


2018 - ALS has started MTPE projects and, also extented its capacity in subtitling and video translations. In April of 2018, our EN 15038:2006 is converted to ISO:17100.