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Founded in 2002, during an era when fax machines were a staple and the internet was just beginning to find its footing, our company was a dependable source of professional Turkish translation services, strategically positioned near the 6th Notary Public in Istanbul.


Over the past two decades, Alafranga Çeviri Hizmetleri Ltd. has transformed into Alafranga Language Solutions FZ Enterprise (ALS) in the U.A.E specializing in multilingual technical, legal and media translations to becoming a dynamic and reliable international organization. 


Supported by powerful leadership, a network of over 5,100 trusted multilingual vendors and sophisticated language technologies, developed over 21 years, our services now span a wide range of language solutions, including technical, legal and media translation and post-editing solutions across various formats, platforms and sectors like industrial manufacturing, agriculture, energy, consumer goods, IT, e-commerce, e-learning, and more.


Our adherence to industry standards is validated by our accreditation with the London-based Association of Translation Companies (ATC), which simultaneously affiliates us with the European Association of Translation Companies (EUATC).


Our Ethical Promise

At ALS, our multilingual team is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our language services. With unwavering integrity, we prioritize client confidentiality, deliver impeccable quality and accuracy, comply with all relevant laws and regulations, respect cultural diversity, and foster transparent and respectful communication.  



2002 Alafranga Translation Services Ltd. (ATS) founded in 2002 (end of fax era) nearby 3rd. Notary Public in Istanbul, Turkey, initially focusing on providing Turkish language solutions to local clientele.


2005 ATS expanded its reach by forging partnerships with both local and international companies headquartered in Turkey.


2006 ATS initiated a transformational journey to extend its services globally, broadening its language offerings to include those of culturally and geographically neighboring countries.


2007 ATS joined the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) in the U.K. as an overseas member.

The company also pioneered the use of ]Project Open[ for automating and integrating management operations, a first among Turkish translation companies.

2011 ATS's commitment to quality was recognized when its services were audited by Bureau Veritas, resulting in the award of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services certification, EN 15038:2006.


2012 The transition of ATS Ltd. to ALS FZ Enterprise (ALS) was completed, with the latter becoming the primary entity, focusing entirely on international clients.


2018 ALS ventured into Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) and expanded its services to include subtitling and video translations. In April, the company updated its certification from EN 15038:2006 to ISO:17100.


2021 ALS embarked on large-scale subtitle translation projects for major platforms like Disney+ and Fox TV.

2023 ALS has started to integrating Al-driven Technologies.




Global vendor network

The private global vendor network has evolved along with the thousands of projects accomplished so far. Our authorized project managers can get access to a private network of over 5,100 language consultants and full archive related to the previous projects.