We provide professional transcription services. Transcription requires a practical knowledge and mastery in writing conventions. Thanks to our project managers, true transcribers will be matched to your project, understanding your requirements.



In pricing, we consider several criteria including: audio quality, number of speakers, formats, deadlines. Therefore, all transcription projects are individually priced. 

Professional jargon, rare terms, broken or bad sentences, deliberately hidden messages etc. may make transcription a challenging job for transcribers. For this reason, we take advantage of our private network to appoint the specialist transcribers having a professional understanding in the topics spoken.


We receive transcription requests from different sources such as international translation agencies, small to large private companies, international or regional organizations, non-government organizations and individuals on various type of jobs - television, media, video, audio, interview, conference call, focus group and dissertation transcriptions.

We provide transcription services in the following domains:


- Business: meeting, interview, seminar, conference, lecture, training.

- Video/Recordings: Interview, podcast, public speaker, webcasts, calls;

- Education: Lecture, session, seminar, dissertation, speech;

- Broadcasting: TV or radio programs, movie, TV series, documentary; 

- Market Research: meeting, focus group, interview;

- Medical: lecture, conference, seminar, medical dictation, report;

- Legal: Deposition, court hearing, legal proceeding


Quality control

Transcribed texts must always be double checked for grammar and punctuation before delivery.  According to the purpose, some improvements may be recommended to increase readability.