Sofware localization


Software localization is a complex but rewarding process. By understanding and effectively managing its various aspects, we can help you truly globalize your products, ensuring they resonate with users around the world.

User Interface Localization: Adapting the text and layout of a software's user interface.

Documentation Localization: Translating help files, manuals, and other accompanying documents.

User Interface Localization: Adapting the text and layout of a software's user interface.

Cultural Adaptation: Modifying content to suit local customs and sensitivities.

Technical Localization: Adjusting software to local technical requirements, like date formats, currency, and keyboard usage.

Multimedia and Graphic Localization: Adapting images, symbols, and multimedia elements to cultural norms.

Legal and Compliance Localization: Ensuring the software meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the target market.


Software from different sectors 

Computer programs are related to automation and increase productivity in most operations in public sector, private companies and even international organizations. In this regards, content terminology may significantly differ whereas software terminology are more or less the same. This is a challenge. Our project managers are committed to identify, book and assign the localizers who are experienced in your terminology, but also master in software localization tools. For example, if your software is about photo editing, our project managers will match a localizer who has proven knowledge about photography. read more..

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Mobile applications 

Mobile apps proliferated due to the rise of mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets, etc.


Specialized CAT Tools

CAT Tools present many benefits in software localizations. It is important to know for example if a short text is on button, heading or title. Handling quality issues, building a translation memory and term list for future reference are two additional features that CAT Tools offer. read more..



Localized texts are exported to your software and then testing needs to be conducted to make sure that everything is in perfect order. Our testers, mostly the localization consultants, will open your localized software and review the interface to spot any possible issues.

The Saas

The SaaS model has turned the process of developing, updating and shipping software products more efficiently than ever. International players anticipate products to look and feel as they were designed particularly for their local markets. We support SaaS companies launch with success in raising global markets by localizing software, documentation, and marketing contents towards the expectations of local users.