Website localization

99.99 percent of online content is in one language. So, the world is not communicating.

Success in localizing online content requires complete project management. Exclusively orchestrating all teamwork, our dedicated project managers are committed to identify, book and assign the web localizers experienced in your sectoral terminologies. We support the popular platforms including Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Bitrix and Zapier.

There are over 1.5 billion websites on the world wide web today. Of these, less than 200 million are active. Today, websites are probably the most influential media in regards to introducing your profile, sharing news, data and knowledge, showcasing your products and/or services, receiving and processing orders for your products and/or services, shipping your services, monitoring payments, etc.


Furthermore, websites are today collecting data to find out who are interested in your products and services. 

Search Engine Optimization

Related to search in Google, your key terms should be integrated in our localization services. That’s why we pay special attention on the key words so that your website hits well with those strategic key words in Google. 


In the websites, wide range of texts may be presented: technical, business, legal and marketing from all industries. This is a challenge. Our project managers will appoint specialized translators considering your industry, but also master in web localization.  read more..

XML files

For the database-driven websites, localization of xml files comes on the agenda. Thanks to the specialized editors, we are able to translate database content without damaging the xml codes. A tiny error might have a huge effect.

Specialized CAT Tools

We are perfectly competent to work with CAT tools to edit original web files such as html, xml and xhtml. The translation memories that are built as we translate your content will ensure preferred terminologies in a consistent manner.


Regular updates

Web content needs regular updates. Our project managers match your translation memories with the same proven language consultants.  


We consider and understand the challenging factors behind web content localization, so we are offering customized and affordable solutions. Thanks to our dedicated project managers, ideally specialized language consultants will be identified, booked and assigned to localizing your website, understanding core requirements of your web content.