Our International Team for Multilanguage Projects

Our capacity primarily relies on the team of experts and language automation technologies, powered by the leadership of Alafranga Language Solutions.

Our Team of Experts: In concert with our core Multilanguage Leadership, we've crafted a Global Vendor Network, the result of over two decades of history and experience since 2002.

Multilanguage Leadership reflects our multilingual management capacity across various regions of the world. more..


Global Vendor Network is a private human resources database featuring numerous effective modules. This platform has been our proprietary asset since 2002. more..


Human Translation
Technical translation»
Legal translation»
Marketing translation»
Medical translation»

Web localization»
Software localization»
Game localization




Machine translation»

Generative AI translation»

Human Postediting»

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Language Technologies: Our operational prowess extends beyond our talented human resource pool, leveraging cutting-edge automation technologies.

Key components include:

           around-the-globe project management, 'Project Open,' compatible with ISO 17100 quality standards

           the 'King Road' vendor database management platform        

           CAT tools such as SmartCat, SDL Studio, MemoQ etc. more..

           Guidelines, ensuring consistency and quality across our projects.