Our Team

 Mr. Guvenc, Madame Tussauds Amsterdam with E.T.    

Volkan GUVENC, General Coordinator

Volkan is a dreamer, strategist and the co-founder of Alafranga Language Solutions. He worked in the fields of project management, terminology management, quality assurance, recruitment, data security, contracting, strategic planning and technology. Currently, he supervises global operations in coordination with other decision makers. He is an Economics graduate, he speaks English and interested in Science, Economics, Management, Art, Music, World History, Tracking, Photography and Travel.


Ahmet Sait Akten, Marketing Strategist

Ahmet is focusing on digital marketing. He is working in consultation with Mr. Guvenc to implement the most effective online strategies based on vendor profiles and production capacities. He speaks English and is interested in game localization and R. C planes. He is also teaching English language, robotics and coding to kids.

Ilke SATIROGLU, Translation Coordinator

Ilke is seasoned translation team lead and joined ALS in 2006. She streamlines translation projects, reviews translator assignments, monitors quality processes and runs feedback processes. Volkan and Sule need her advice in decision making for the new projects. She is a Russian Philology graduate, speaks English and Russian and is interested in Russian literature and Classical Music. She volunteers in teaching English for children and Turkish sign language.

Kursad YALCINDAG, Localization Coordinator

Kursad is a modern traveller, DIY addict and localization team lead at ALS. He supervises workflow of localization projects including game localization, conducts brain works in engineering of quality parameters and creates awareness in the team in regards to technology-related topics. He is also interested in book publishing. He is a Greek Philology graduate, speaks English and Greek and is interested in cars, camping and Lego bricks model making.

Cemal Öktemer, DTP Coordinator

Cemal is a talent as solo singer, enthusiastic graphic designer and team lead of DTP projects at ALS. He joined the DTP team in 2013 and has managed thousands of pages of DTP projects so far. Specialized in DTP along with 3D modeling and web design, he is competent in problem solving and productivity in regards to almost major editing and graphic design software such as Adobe inDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. He speaks English and is interested in photography, music compositions and performing as a singer and guitar player.


Sule GONULSUZ, Finance Manager

Sule is passionate about cinema and ecology. She joined ALS in 2004 and coordinates financial and administrative affairs in consultation with accounting office. She is a history post-graduate, speaks English and French and is interested in Plastic Arts, Ecoprint, Ceramic, Music and Travel. She has been volunteering for several NGOs.