Media plays a pivotal role in connecting with both local and international audiences, adhering to regional regulations, and boosting user interaction.

We provide a robust capability for delivering impactful media translation services.


Film and Television Production Companies: To distribute movies and TV shows globally, these companies require subtitle translation, dubbing, and localization services to make content accessible and enjoyable to non-native speakers.


Streaming Services: Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu need media translation services to offer a wide range of content to international audiences, including subtitles, dubbing, and localization of user interfaces.


Video Game Developers and Publishers: To reach a global market, video game companies require translation and localization of in-game text, dialogues, manuals, and marketing materials, ensuring that games resonate with players from different cultural backgrounds.


Advertising Agencies and Marketing Firms: These entities often create campaigns for global brands and need translation services for commercials, promotional videos, and marketing materials to appeal to diverse markets.


Corporate Clients: Businesses across various industries require translation of corporate videos, training materials, webinars, and presentations to communicate effectively with international employees, partners, and customers.


Educational Institutions and E-Learning Platforms: To provide accessible learning materials to a global student base, these customers need translation and localization of online courses, educational videos, and instructional materials.

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Social Media Influencers and Content Creators: Individuals and companies looking to expand their global reach on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok may seek media translation services for their videos and posts to engage with followers in multiple languages.


Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs: To spread their message and engage with international audiences, these organizations need translation of promotional videos, documentaries, and public service announcements. 

News Agencies and Broadcasters: For international news coverage, agencies require translation of reports, documentaries, and interviews to reach a wider audience and provide global perspectives.


Publishing Houses: Companies that produce multimedia content, such as audiobooks or interactive eBooks, may require translation to make their products available to readers in various languages.

Catalogs and Sales Brochures: Catalogs, online or print, are needed by product distributors and dealers. Localization of any new catalog is a challenge, because catalogs will be distributed to the local dealers who know each item very well and therefore product names, specifications, numbers etc. needs to be reviewed with utmost care. 


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