Cost optimization

Developing Cost-Effective Strategies 

We understand the importance of offering high-quality language services at affordable prices.
We have implemented various strategies to ensure cost savings without compromising on the quality of our translations.

One significant source of savings comes from leveraging the power of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. These tools enable our translators to identify and eliminate repeated segments within the source texts. By not retranslating these repetitions, we save both time and costs.

To maximize efficiency, we have developed a customized translation database specifically for your company. Translated segments are stored in this database and automatically retrieved when our translators encounter the same segments in future projects. This ensures consistent translations while capitalizing on the cost-saving opportunities of repetitions, not only within a single project but across different departments of your company.


Additionally, we understand that independent editing can be a valuable step in ensuring quality, especially for technical or marketing projects. However, for informative translations where the purpose is to convey information accurately, this additional cost factor may be unnecessary. We work closely with you to determine the level of editing required, allowing for more cost-effective solutions when appropriate.


Cost management is also a result of our meticulous vendor management. Our extensive database consists of 4,000 vendors who provide a balance between quality and affordability. By carefully selecting vendors based on their expertise and competitive pricing, we strive to optimize cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


In our pursuit of delivering efficient and cost-effective language services, we have incorporated Machine Translation (MT) and specifically the GTP engine into our repertoire. With the aid of customized translation memories, the performance of neural machine translation has experienced significant advancements in recent years.


For projects where time and budget constraints are critical factors, machine translation post-editing services present a viable option. By leveraging the output of the machine translation system, our skilled post-editors refine and enhance the translated content to ensure linguistic accuracy, clarity, and adherence to your specific requirements. 


However, it is important to note that the feasibility of machine translation post-editing depends on various factors, including the nature of the content, the desired level of quality, and the availability of suitable post-editors with domain expertise. 


Partner with us to benefit from our cost-effective strategies without compromising on the quality of your language services.