Quality Policy

Quality Management System

Quality Management System regulates management standards and procedures for delivering complete, accurate, on time and fairly priced translations to meet or surpass customers' expectations.

All necessary protocols need to be systemized. In our ISO17100 manual, all standards and procedures are described in the following order:

   - financial and technical feasibility,
   - quotation and contracting,
   - identification, booking and assignment of vendors,
   - translation, review, revision,  
   - quality control, verification and,
   - delivering and monitoring customer satisfaction.  


ISO17100 certification

ISO17100 is a quality standard developed exclusively for translation services providers. The standard ensures the consistent quality of the service. It requires regular audits by the certification body, and if any discrepancy is found, the certification shall be revoked. We consider the requirements of ISO17100 as central in our standard quality philosophy. Also, purpose of our clients is also significant and must be incorporated to translation output.