Quality Policy

Quality Management System

Our quality system covers the overall operational activities from contracting process to monitoring customer satisfaction.


ISO17100 certification

ISO17100 is a quality standard developed especially for translation services providers. Many European translation companies have long felt the need for a reliable method of demonstrating the quality of the services they provide to their customers. The standard ensures the consistent quality of the service. It requires regular audits by the certification body, and if any discrepancy is found, the certification shall be revoked.


As a language service provider entitled to ISO17100 certificate, we consider the requirements of ISO17100 as central in our standard quality philosophy. Also, purpose of our clients is also significant and must be incorporated to translation output. 

ALS' Project Managers must read the quality requirements stipulated in the contract and shall be responsible for carrying out a detailed analysis of source language and document type(s) to specify the categories of the following descriptions: 

Category A:

Must be technically accurate and readable such as medical papers, technical manuals, user manuals, safety documents, quality assurance documents, financial and accounting reports and other critical company documentations etc.

Category B:

Will be a part of product such as software, game and multi-media etc.

Category C:

Will be a part of company reputation, marketing and public relations such as website, news, marketing content including catalogues and brochures etc.

Category D:

Will be legal documents such as agreements, proxy, legal papers etc.