Machinery and Equipment
Operational manuals, Maintenance guides, Technical specifications, Safety instructions, Training materials

Product catalogs, User manuals, Process documentation, Quality assurance documents, Training guides

Technical manuals, User guides, Warranty documents, Product specifications, Marketing materials

Product manuals, User guides, Safety instructions, Technical datasheets, Warranty information

Energy (Oil & Gas, Renewables)
Environmental reports, Technical specifications, Safety manuals, Operational procedures, Training materials

Equipment manuals, Safety instructions, Research studies, Regulatory documents, Product labels

User manuals, Technical guides, Safety instructions, Software documentation, Maintenance manuals

Technical manuals, User guides, Product specifications, Network diagrams, Service agreements

Safety data sheets (SDS), Technical datasheets, Regulatory compliance documents, Patent applications

Medical Devices
Instruction manuals, Clinical trial documents, Regulatory submissions, Patent applications, Labels

Project plans, Safety manuals, Technical drawings, Environmental impact studies, Contract agreements


Utilizing a great deal of knowledge accumulation powered by our extensive database, we take full advantage of this knowledge accumulation while working on your translation or localization projects.

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Technical documentation: The stunning innovations in Al, robotics, mechanization and computerization are adapted to manufacturing processes, leading to circulation of wide range of technical documentations within the technical departments and cross-border organizations.


Technical writing is mostly for documenting processes and subprocesses related to sourcing the raw materials and semi-finished inputs, processing the raw materials and semi-finished inputs, and production and quality control. Furthermore, the specifications of demounting, mounting, installation, testing, electrification, computerization, ventilation, illumination, temperature, humidity, sanitation, cleanup, hygiene, security, safety, disposals, quality assurance, environmental issues etc. 

Searchable or context-sensitive help: In addition to single-file documentation, sophisticated modes of information have advanced like searchable online help or Context-sensitive help (software only). XML database are another significant mode of technical content. And therefore, localization has become a significant part of technical translation services.


Since our foundation in 2002, we have translated millions of words of technical content that we received from wide range of industries including but not limited to plants, machinery, tools, automotive, home appliances, furniture, electronics, computers, mobile devices, electricity, chemicals, energy, gas, oil, power utilities, textile, printing, publishing, housing, cement, sanitation, water supply, mining, land transport, air transport, food, nutrition, agriculture, fishing, glass, metal, steel, stone, plastic manufacturing.