Technical and scientific translation

Complete, accurate, on-time, fairly priced technical translation services

In the recent years, interconnectedness is grandiosely with us due to the new generation internet technologies and mobile devices. Consequently, information exchange has risen from engineers to workers, from manufacturers to end-users, from managers to public authorities, from authors to readers etc. 

Technical and scientific translations require understanding in theorical and practical background, industrial terminology and writing conventions in the target languages. We consider and understand the challenging factors behind technical projects, and offer customized, affordable solutions. Exclusively to your projects, specialized technical translators will be identified, booked and assigned thanks to our dedicated project managers.


Complete Project Management

Technical translations are mostly demanding. Hence, complete project management is a must.  From basic to advanced, the type of a translation project would vary considerably depending on the text difficulity (e.g., user's manual versus engineer's installation guide) and the wants, needs and expectations of the users in a target locale, among other things. We analyze each project in its individuality and implement the optimized project management processes to safeguard quality-guaranteed results. In short, we offer customized translation and localization services basing on project management. read more..

Around-the-globe companies 

We are collaborating with around-the-globe companies from different industries, including but not limited to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, plant, machinery, tools, agriculture, energy, oil, wind turbines, personal and industrial computers and their components, industrial electronics, infrastructure, construction and building materials etc. read more..


Desktop publishing

Technical documentations and patents are mostly presented with tables, graphics, diagrams or non-editable pictures. For this reason, technical translation projects should be integrated with desktop publishing (DTP), which involves formatting the content to make it look correct. read more.. 


Cat tools 

In the technical documentations, some of the standard sentences are 100% repeated. On avarage, the 100% repeated segments make up of 20% whole workload. We apply translation memory technologies particularly in technical manuals, databases and reports to reduce costs by offering significant discounts on 100% repetitions.


Terminology management 

According to our customer surveys, terminology remains one of main concerns shared by the expert readers. Evidently, industry-standard terminologies must be employed in a consistent manner so that target texts could be readable without difficulty by the people in relevant industry. read more..

Recent studies

Toyota Motor perfectly trusted us for their translation, localization and interpretation requirements. We translated installation specifications of wind energy erections for Gamesa Siemens. We support DeltaPlus for product specifications, catalogs, news updates, web content. Dalsem trusted us for technical document translations related to Mushroom Prejects.