Technical and marketing translation related to Dalsem Mushroom Projects

Client: Dalsem

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Dalsem supply optimal systems for the fermentation process. Dalsem Mushroom Projects are mainly for mushroom growers worldwide.


Dalsem's requirements 

Accurate and readable technical and marketing translations related to Dalsem Mushroom Projects in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Turkey.


Our solution 

One of the main concerns of Dalsem was accurate implementation of horticultural terms. Because, they needed natural language so that the mushroom growers can read and adapt easily. From within our internal vendor database, the appropriate language consultants were identified, booked and assigned with proven track records in the horticultural localization projects. Our project manager who is a single point of contact with Dalsem took care of localization project management starting from drafting instructions, vendor selection process and monitoring all achievements of the project members - the translators, the reviewers and the subject matter experts.  Based on 2 steps quality process, we delivered excellent Azeri, Arabic and Turkish versions.



Dalsem was satisfied with our achievements. Our collaboration with Dalsem is active and extended to the other languages.