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Customer Support: Offer responsive and efficient customer support beyond regular business hours if needed. Promptly address any technical issues, provide guidance, and offer solutions to any challenges that may arise.

Ethical Standards: Committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our operations. We believe that ethical practices are the cornerstone of trust, integrity, and sustainable growth. Our ethical framework guides our decisions and actions, ensuring that we prioritize the interests of our clients, linguists, employees, and the broader community.

Value-Added Services: Alafranga Language Solutions is incorporated in 2002 and the founding team is still at work. We provide additional services that add value to the customer's translation projects. This could include localization, cultural adaptation, terminology management, content management, transcription, dtp, and subtitling depending on your specific needs.


Commitment to quality: Consistently deliver high-quality translations that meet or exceed the customer's expectations. Implement a robust quality assurance process, including proofreading, editing, and quality checks by experienced linguists, to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our service quality has been in compliance with ISO17100:2015. 

Passing Through the Test of Time

Our team of multilingual experts and a global network of over 5,000 freelance professionals, under the leadership of Alafranga Language Solutions, has stood the test of time since 2002.


In order to meet the specific needs of the customer's industry or niche, we assign language professionals who have expertise in the relevant subject matter, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations.


Our project manager will be your single-point-of-contact, supervising the projects from start to end. In addition to our standard project management protocols, we take each project in its individuality to develop customized solutions. read more..



Continuous Professional Development: Invest in the professional development of your team members, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technology advancements, and language-specific knowledge. This ensures a high level of expertise and quality in your translations.

Flexibility and Scalability: Remain flexible and adaptable to accommodate the customer's changing needs. Offer scalable solutions to handle larger volumes or additional languages, demonstrating your capacity to grow with their requirements.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Seek feedback from the customer regularly and implement necessary improvements based on their input. Actively engage in a collaborative relationship to identify areas of improvement and address any concerns promptly. 

Cultural Understanding: Demonstrate a deep understanding and respect for the customer's target cultures. Ensure that translations capture the nuances, idioms, and cultural references accurately, reflecting an awareness of local customs and sensitivities.

Proactive Communication: Initiate regular check-ins with the customer to discuss ongoing projects, address any questions or concerns, and provide proactive suggestions for process improvements or cost optimization

Case Studies and Testimonials: Share case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from your translation services. Highlight successful projects and showcase the positive impact your services have had on their businesses.

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