Operational Know How


Translators and technology

We consider long-term collaboration with seasoned professionals as our key to success. Language translation is mostly beyond Mot à Mot writing. By general standards, it takes more or less 10 years to become a competent translator specialized in particular industries, document types, platforms etc.

On the other hand, for example, CAT Tools technologies help to increase the quality and speed of translating. But, mastering in CAT Tools technologies may take few weeks only.


Digital Automation  

In terms of avoiding repetitive tasks, digital automation is sine quo non. It serves productivity. Today, it is unimaginable to getting back to the times without digital technologies.

Since 2002, we perfectly take advantage of digital automation technologies in project management, vendor management as well as translation and quality processes.


Our work model

Our work model has gradually adapted to dynamic working conditions.  In 2002, ALS was founded in an office where admin and translators were working together. Today, administrative teams and language professionals are interconnected via sophisticated platforms and communication means.

The success of our work model is dependent on the following assets:

       + seasoned project managers 

       + digitalized vendor database

       + guidelines 
Quality Assurance Guidelines (ISO17100)
Contracting Guidelines
Project Management Guidelines
Vendor Assignment Guidelines        

      + centralized Project Management Platform

      + computer-assisted translation tools, CAT Tools.


After the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend of shifting to online work has significantly increased. The freelance model has proven more flexibility and less overhead costs to safely handle a wide range of language couples and topics. 


As our industrial experience is dating back to the early stages of the internet, our adaptation to the online working model is based long term collaborations on both customer and vendor sides.

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