Operational Know How


Artificial Intelligence (Al) 

Al has already been with us, but today rather specialized and not in full capacity yet.  Most probably, Al will be able to act as project manager and handle all or most of the project management and translating tasks sooner or later in the future. 


Complete Project Management 

Today, human intervention is indispensable. Translation output has to be incorporated to the purpose of clients through deep analysis (reading) of the source materials and communication with clients.


Digital Automation based on Software 

To eliminate repititive tasks, automation is the key. At ALS, the digital technologies that we put in force mainly support us through automation.

Our working model

Our working model has gradually been adapted to the modern requirements.  In 2002, ALS was founded in an office where project managers and translators were working altogether. Today, core admin staff are inhouse or interconnected on management platforms while vast majority of translators are freelancers. Our translators are living in their own country. This is the working model known as Freelance Model.


Our Freelance Model is based on consistent operational procedures powered by extensive database thanks to the following assets:

       + industry knowledge accumulation 
commitment to Quality Process (ISO17100)
commitment to Contracting Process
commitment to Project Management Process
commitment to Vendor Selection Process        

      + availability of classified freelancers with work history 
      + use of Vendor Network Database Automation Software
      + use of Around The Globe Project Automation Software
      + use of computer assisted translation tools, CAT Tools.


Freelance Model provides more flexibility and enjoys less overhead costs to safely handle wide range of language couples and topics.