Data Security

Data under protection

New generation internet technologies, social media platforms and mobile devices have all contributed to the fact that people have become interconnected as being subjected to online threats. Therefore, confidential data must be under protection against external attackers. As a professional language service provider, we have safety protocols in place. 


Some of the extended confidentiality measures may be taken into consideration such as removing graphics, numbers, titles, names etc. from within the source texts; encrypting the source files; using ftp file transfer protocol instead of common e-mail services; dividing the source materials to be sent to several secured translators; employing server-based editing platform rather than sending the source files to translators; deleting the source and target files immediately after delivery, assigning translators with whom we have a long secured history; executing extended confidentiality agreements with secured translators, etc. 


Data security is not just an IT protection, but also related to internal procedures towards protecting data from unauthorized access.


In addition to our internal protocols, if confidentiality is raised by our clients, we are open to adapting additional steps.

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