Pursuit of Exceptional Standards

At ALS, we prioritize two essential aspects to ensure exceptional translation outcomes: the quality of the translations delivered and the quality of our management systems.

By focusing on both areas, we strive to consistently exceed client expectations and uphold industry-leading standards.


Quality of Translations Delivered 

When it comes to translation quality, our primary objective is to deliver translations that faithfully capture the original meaning, maintain consistency, and effectively convey the intended message. Our team of highly skilled translators, with extensive subject matter expertise, meticulously craft translations that are not only error-free but also exhibit impeccable grammar, syntax, and style. They pay careful attention to cultural nuances and context, enabling accurate and culturally appropriate communication. By ensuring high-quality translations, we build trust and credibility with our clients, facilitating effective communication with their target audience.

Quality of Management Systems

To ensure seamless project execution and exceptional client experiences, we have implemented robust and efficient management systems. Our comprehensive approach encompasses all aspects of project planning, coordination, resource allocation, communication, and quality assurance. Through effective project planning, we establish clear objectives, timelines, and deliverables, ensuring smooth progress throughout the project lifecycle. Our dedicated team collaborates closely, utilizing state-of-the-art systems, tools, and workflows that enhance productivity, accuracy, and client satisfaction. By adhering to standardized processes and rigorous quality assurance measures, we consistently deliver on our commitment to excellence.

ISO 17100:2015 

ISO 17100:2015 is a globally recognized standard that sets forth requirements for the provision of high-quality translation services. It establishes criteria and guidelines for translation companies to follow in order to ensure consistent and reliable translation outputs.


The standard covers various aspects of the translation process, including the qualifications and competence of translators, project management procedures, quality assurance measures, and client communication. ISO 17100:2015 emphasizes the importance of employing qualified translators who possess the necessary linguistic and subject matter expertise to produce accurate and culturally appropriate translations.


Partner with us to experience the vitality of quality assurance in translation.