Our focus is on quality

For the success of any translation project, quality plays a key role: technical and linguistic accuracy, readability, industrial and corporate terminology etc. In addition to our standard solutions, we take each project in its individuality to develop customized solutions. In practice, quality assurance instructions are optimized according to various parameters including project volume, formats, readers, languages, delivery terms etc.

In complex projects, the setup of quality assurance needs to be engineered. Our translation services are usually offered at 2 levels: Essential Quality and Premium Quality.


'Essential Quality' Translations 

In Essential Quality, editing by a third-party editor is not added to the costs. The main idea is that you do not have to pay higher costs for a lot of translations. 

o  translation by a translator

o  full text editing by the same translator

o  spot checks (metrics) for verification by the third party


'Premium Quality' Translations

In Premium Quality, editing by a third-party editor is added to the costs as recommended in ISO17100:2015, and we take Premium Quality for our customers in search for perfection particularly when the target texts:


Category A:

Have to be technically accurate and readable such as medical papers, technical manuals, user manuals, safety documents, quality assurance documents, financial and accounting reports, other critical company documentations, etc.

Category B:

Will be a part of products such as software, game, multi-media, etc.

Category C:

Will be a part of company reputation, marketing and public relations such as website, news, marketing content including catalogs, brochures, etc.

Category D:

Will be legal documents such as agreements, proxy, legal papers, etc.

Third-party editing is performed either in terms of technical accuracy and readability (revision) and/or linguistic accuracy and localization concerns. 

o  translation by a translator

o  full text editing by third-party editor

o  spot checks (metrics) for verification by project manager

o  additional instructions in multilanguage projects


CAT tools and beyond

Computer-assisted translation technologies (CAT Tools) like Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ etc. and relevant quality verification tools such as XBench are helping our teams to control the output quality. 

To assign true professional translators will always be an integral part of quality. The 
experience on similar kinds of projects must be proven and documented. We have been collaborating with a key multilanguage team of translators for 5 to 15 years.

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