Distinguished interpreters exclusively booked to your location, dates and subject matter

If you need professional interpreting services from a highly experienced team, please submit the details related to your event via our online form such as localization, date, relevant languages, type of events, equipment requirements etc.

Our project managers will be happy to analyze your requirements and return with a detailed quote as soon as it may occur. We broadly categorize interpreting tasks as consecutive (face to face), simultaneous (real time) and scheduled telephone interpreting.

Thanks to our extensive experience in organization of interpreting services since 2002, our matured project managers are committed to identify, book and assign distinguished interpreters exclusively to your requierements in terms of language couples, 
subject matter, location, equipment and dates.  


Organizing exclusive simultaneous interpreters

A simultaneous interpreter usually sits in a booth at the back of the room or saloon where translation needs to take place and has no contact with the parties and work with microphones and hear the speech to be translated via headphones. 

Organizing exclusive consecutive interpreters

A consecutive interpreter is present with the parties that they translate for and translate only few sentences at a time. This can go up to 5 minutes of speech. We are open to additional tasks like welcoming guests at airports and escort them to their destination. This service also includes technical interpreting services including accompanying foreign engineers or technicians during installation or equipment in factories. 

For simultaneous interpreting, most frequent events are as follows:

o  conference,

o  congress,

o  symposium,

o  convention,

o  assembly,

o  panel,

o  round table meetings and,

o  U table meetings.


For consecutive interpreting, most frequent events are as follows: 

o  business meetings,

o  workshops,

o  commercial fairs,

o  classroom training,

o  onsite training,

o  all types of cocktails,

o  business dinners and lunches and,

o  factory and showroom visits.

Recent case studies

American Bar Associations well supported with our booking services for 6 English Arabic conference interpreters and simultaneous equipment in Istanbul. Dignity Danish Institute Against Torture trusted us in English Arabic workshop interpretation. We supported Global Centre for Pluralism with premium English Russian interpreters, equipment and technical staff.