My language is my country

Even though we live in an age of global culture, the world is still large and locality is still as important as ever. Localization is a more specialized process of adapting your content for local consumption, covering modification of the source language and other site elements to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences in their own target language. Our project managers are committed to appointing country-in translators who will be translating into their mother tongue. Much has changed in the ensuing decades. The digital revolution has moved translation beyond the realm of printed documents into software, websites, multimedia content and databases, giving rise to the concept and practice of localization. 

People are getting even more connected

Internet and mobile phones have become integral part of our life. Today, exchange of ideas is running much faster when compared to the past. However, different cultures express the same idea in different ways.


e-World and 4.0 Industry revolution seems to be the next step. With the onset of 21st Century, the demand for localization has been constantly on the rise in parallel with ever-quickening tempo of globalization.


We think that localization will remain as a key requirement to reaching out foreign markets. 


Website, e-learning, market place translation and localization services

Ready-to-publish website translation and localization solutions to 40 languages thanks to our extensive knowledge of each aspect of website localization, a very effective project management system and computer-assisted human translation technologies. read more..


Online or standalone software and application translation and localization services

Translation and localization services engineered to your software. Software localization is a linguistic, technical and cultural adaptation of software content including on-screen text (front-end, back-end interfaces), scripts, help files and xml files. read more..


Game-in text and conversations, subtitles, lyrics, help screens, game manuals and web pages

Game translation and localization services with the mission to transfer Joy of Play to localized versions. Game localization is a linguistic, technical and cultural adaptation of game content including on-screen text, scripts, help files as well as social media and websites. read more..