Upgraded Vendor Management

Posted on: 16.08.2019 18:10:35

Exclusive Vendor Management

The world is moving into a new eco-system through faster and extended connectivity, well-though automation solutions, smarter algorithms, more advanced regulations and protocols. In parallel, online and on-site applications have been extensively customized following sophisticated demands. That’s why we are not looking for self-proven linguists only, but also the experts in any specialization. For this, we have adapted extended capacity. 


In our private vendor database, as of 12/2020, there are 4,557 vendors classified by their technical parameters in compliance with ISO17100. It is unique, because 6-steps application form and admin panel are original and designed as a result of the hard work of the admin team of Alafranga in 2009 and upgraded in 2018 with new features. For example: our database is kept updated, because vendors are perfectly authorized to modify their data anytime they wish. Individual vendor project-performance histories can be monitored by project managers as per the projects registered. Feedback communication is centralized thanks to the module incorporated to the platform.


In regards to the complex projects requiring immediate action with a teamwork, our Admin Panel offers highly advanced multi-criteria filtering options. Our project managers can choose to run a search by the criteria such as service type, specialized topics, language couples, A-Z list of rates, CAT tools, locations, status etc. and implement crowdsourcing process.


If technicality is demanding and project kit is not available, we are particularly interested in the vendors who meaningfully narrowed their expertise to Professional Level. To our eye, “I can translate anything” is not positive in expert-to-expert documents. Also, A-Z list of rates option allows us to eliminate “too cheap” and “too expensive” vendors.


Thanks to our hard work and experience since 2002, our upgraded vendor management platform is of our own design and perfectly raises our service quality beyond expectations.


Author: Volkan Güvenç 

General Coordinator 

at Alafranga Language Solutions 


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