Do you need reliable translation services?

Our offer includes certified translation services to the private companies, the around-the-globe organizations, the local public administrations, the non-governmental organizations and the individuals. We take each project in its individuality and consider particular nature of your requirements to offer optimum quality and cost combinations.


Technical and scientific translation

Technical translation is a broad category, covering different industries, formats and languages. We understand that different industries use different terminologies. Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, plant, machinery, tools, agriculture, energy, oil, wind turbines, personal and industrial computers and their components, industrial electronics, infrastructure, construction and building materials etc. have different products, services and terminologies.  read more..

Marketing translation

Creative writing skills are necessary for translating marketing texts. Needless to say, the same effect should be reflected in the target language. In some cases, similar terms may refer to a little bit different ideas and images in the mindset of the buyers of different locales. For example, when we say “building”, the residents of London, NewYork and Istanbul will imagine different kinds of “buildings”. read more..


Business and legal translation

Business documents are not solely legal papers, but also cover financial reports, internal guidelines, business communication, administrative directives, regulatory papers etc. Thanks to our dedicated project managers, ideally specialized language consultants will be identified, booked and assigned to your papers, understanding the core of your business. read more..


Large scale projects

Project management plays significant role for handling large volumes, because the complex projects require extended know-how and skills such as cost-cutting consultation to customers, leadership and motivation of the project team members, drafting clear instructions and working protocols, on-time distribution of questions and answers among relevant parties, engineering of quality assurance steps, setting feasible deadlines etc. read more..

Thanks to our dedicated project managers, looked-after translators and subject matter experts, we offer diversified translation services considering special nature of your requirements.