Fast developing life science industry 

Health investments are on agenda in many countries in parallel to the discoveries in medicine, pharmacology, bio-chemistry, genetic sciences and medical devices. Because of the upgrading eco-system, we anticipate that there will be even larger investments in the field of medicine in the near future. There are many well-established healthcare and pharmaceutical companies worldwide whereas many others are preparing to enter the market. Also, many countries harbour hard-working faculties of medicines and research hospitals in which extensive scientific studies are carried out and findings are shared with the rest of the world. 

Content in your medical translations  

There are wide range files for medical translations: software for medical and laboratory use, description and use of surgical and other medical instruments and devices, clinical studies/trials, protocol synopses, patient information leaflets, informed consent forms, patient diaries and cards, study drug labels, study manuals, contracts, regulatory and ethics documents, patients’ clinical records, pharmaceutical guidelines, informed consent forms, dosage and use instructions, specifications of product characteristics, adverse events reports, consultation records, health insurance submissions, patient information leaflets, package inserts, medical reports, genetic studies, oncology, genetics, ophthalmology, obesity, studies in pharmacology, imaging reports, autopsy reports, laboratory tests, emergency room reports, epicrisis and anamnesis.