Native English translators

We are looking for professional native English-speaking translators who will be working on the translation or post-editing projects to English U.K. or English U.S. Native or near-native English speakers from the Far East, Middle East, Africa and South America are also welcome.  

Machine translation post-editors

We are looking for professional post-editors who will be working on MTPE projects. Neural machine translation has been gaining ground exponentially due to rapid developments in Al and big data. We highly encourage post-editors who will play an active role in large MTPE projects. 


Multimedia translators 

We are looking for professional translators or post-editors who will be working on video transcription, translation and subtitling projects based on per-minute costs to join our multilanguage teams.


Game localizer 

We are looking for game gamers and professional localizers to join our multilanguage teams.



Collaboration with the entrepreneurs

We offer exclusive rights to the enthusiastic and resourceful entrepreneurs on the regional business plan. If you are interested in getting more details, contact us!