Desktop Publishing


At ALS, we specialize in providing top-tier Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, seamlessly integrated with our document translation expertise.

Our dedicated DTP team ensures the prompt and meticulous preparation of your translation projects, delivering complete turnkey solutions that encompass both translation and typesetting.


Our Expertise in Document Design and Layout

Utilizing industry-leading software like Adobe InDesign®, QuarkXPress®, and FrameMaker®, we handle a diverse range of materials including technical manuals, brochures, catalogues, and books. Each document is given the utmost attention, especially when dealing with complex layouts featuring intricate indexes, graphics, and tables.

Technical Workflow for Optimal Results

For the most efficient process, we recommend providing us with the original source package. This should include source files (such as .idml), along with any accompanying images, fonts, and links. This enables us to:


-         Export source .idml files to .inx format.

-         Convert the exported .inx files into .ttx files.

-         Utilize TagEditor to perform the translation process on the .ttx files.

    -     Convert the bilingual .ttx files back into the target .idml



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The Crucial Role of DTP Specialists

At ALS, we are committed to delivering documents that are not only accurately translated but are also visually compelling and professionally formatted.


Trust us to enhance your global communication with our exceptional DTP and translation services.