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We fully understand the crucial role language plays in engaging with local audiences. Therefore, we go beyond literal, word-for-word translations to create a more natural linguistic flow. In the realm of marketing translations, creative writing skills are increasingly in demand.

The landscape of marketing has been evolving in recent years, with a significant shift towards online platforms. These digital platforms are now at the forefront of shaping the future of marketing. Social media, websites, e-commerce sites, forums, and blogs are not only becoming interconnected but are also gathering vast amounts of data.

Thanks to significant advancements in artificial intelligence, we can now quickly analyze this data. This analysis aids marketing managers in making informed decisions about their strategies, including what actions to take, how to execute them, where to focus their efforts, and the optimal timing for these initiatives.


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Formats and online platforms

Marketing collateral may be in various forms: catalogs, product specifications, product manuals, video, website, sales platforms, marketing magazines, promotional updates as well as marketing databases. Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. have gained momentum as part of marketing activities.  

Country-in native translators

Even though the wind of globalization blowing everywhere, local cultural codes may still be different, sometimes conflicting, in different language zones and our project managers are committed to assigning country-in translators to add value to your marketing collaterals in a creative manner.


Recent case studies 

Amazon trusted us for their web translations. We served Argeta for an unusual transcreation project. In online platform texts, L'Oréal (UK) was happy in this regular project.