Project Management

Efficient Project Management for Multilanguage Language Services

In global markets, business organizations are working through headquarters, departments, production facilities, territorial distributors, branches, stores, after-sale services etc. 

Your regional partners may have different kinds of localization requests in their locale such as document translation, software localization, video subtitles etc. They may be collaborating with local language service providers in a decentralized manner. Unfortunately, this is the point where language management is lost. 


At ALS, we classify language project management into three tiers, catering to a range of projects from the simplest to the most complex.


Standard Project Management and Tools in place 

We have established standard project management steps that form the foundation of our efficient workflows.

Essentially, the following tasks need to be taken into account: 

   Project Analysis: Conducting a thorough analysis of the project requirements, scope, and target audience to determine the best approach and resources needed.
   Preparations: Making necessary preparations before starting the translation, including assessing the file format, providing clear instructions, incorporating relevant industrial and corporate terminology, and gathering references for consistency.
   Vendor Selection: Selecting the appropriate translators or translation vendors based on their expertise, language proficiency, and previous experience in the specific subject matter.
   Assignment: Assigning the translation tasks to the selected translators or teams, ensuring proper allocation of resources and managing deadlines.
   Supervision: Overseeing the translation process, providing guidance and support to translators, monitoring progress, and ensuring adherence to quality standards.
   Feedback and Feedforward: Offering constructive feedback to translators, encouraging continuous improvement, and providing guidance for future projects.
   Delivery: Ensuring timely delivery of the translated content, meeting the specified deadlines, and verifying the final output for accuracy and completeness.
   Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer satisfaction by maintaining open communication, addressing any concerns or issues promptly, and seeking feedback to enhance future collaborations.

Integration to Customers' Project Management Workflow

We understand that each customer may have unique project management requirements and existing tools in place. Therefore, we adapt our project management processes and tools to accommodate the specific needs of our customers.


Our dedicated project managers work closely with you to understand your preferred project management methods and tools. We seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Whether you utilize specific project management software, communication platforms, or collaboration tools, we adapt to your preferred tools to facilitate effective communication and streamline project coordination.

By aligning with your project management processes and utilizing your preferred tools, we aim to enhance collaboration, increase transparency, and ensure a seamless experience throughout the project lifecycle. Your satisfaction and success are at the core of our project management approach.


Let Us Design an Exclusive Project Management Workflow to perfectly meet your requirements

We recognize that the nature of each project may vary significantly. Hence, we are equipped to design project management steps tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Our dedicated project managers collaborate closely with you to develop a customized approach that aligns perfectly with your project's characteristics, ensuring optimal outcomes. Client satisfaction is at the core of our values, and this extends to every aspect of project management. From meticulous planning and resource allocation to clear communication and timely delivery, we prioritize transparency and excellence throughout the process.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, and let us design a tailored project management strategy to ensure successful outcomes for your linguistic needs.