Multilanguage translation of GETAC rugged computers

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Client: Getac Technology Corporation

Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technology and intelligent video solutions, including laptops, tablets, software, body-worn cameras, in-car video, interview rooms, and evidence management software. Getac’s solutions and services enable the vital work done by frontline workers operating in the world’s most challenging environments.


Getac’s requirements

Getac requires dependable language services from a highly experienced team with refined problem-solving skills to achieve consistent high-quality and on-time deliveries. The team should have the capability for multilingual translation and localization services across various platforms and formats. These services should incorporate fair pricing, effective consulting, quality procedures, and strong communication skills.


Our solution

First, we analyzed GETAC in terms of products, services, and other relevant aspects to establish an efficient multilingual team of translators. This team needs to understand technical terminology, document types, quality requirements, and Solplanet's deadlines.

We keep our questions and answers protocols open, fostering team synergy.

Managing the language project for technical and marketing translation and/or localization has been challenging, especially when dealing with multilanguages. 



Our collaboration with Getac Technology Corporation has been on rise.


Key words: Rugged laptops, rugged tablets, durability, military-grade, waterproof, shockproof, industrial computing, field service, outdoor use, high-performance, reliability, extreme environments, robust design, mobile computing, secure data, touchscreen, long battery life, customizable, all-weather, dustproof.