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Client: AISWEI Technology Co., Ltd.

Solplanet is a brand of AISWEI, which has been manufacturing inverters since 2009. AISWEI, also formerly known as SMA’s Chinese subsidiary, has successfully been manufacturing high-quality and reliable products for renowned brands like SMA and Zeversolar. 


AISWEI’s requirements

AISWEI needs high quality multilanguage translation

localization and typesetting services based on fair pricing, efficient consulting and quality procedures and communication and problem solving skills. 


Our solution

First, we analyzed AISWEI in terms of products, services and other issues in order to set up an efficient multilanguage team of translators who will understand technical terminology, document type and quality requirements, and deadlines of Solplanet.


We maintain questions and answers protocols open, creating team synergy. 


Handling the language project management for technical and marketing translation and/or localization has been a challenge when it comes to 18+ languages. 



Our collaboration with AISWEI has been on rise.


Key words: Power Solutions, Energy Storage, Solar Power, Renewable Energy, Photovoltaic Inverters, Sustainable Energy

Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Cells, Solar Energy Conversion, Energy Management, Electricity Storage