Large scale translation projects

Developing cost-cutting strategies 

Integrating quality language services in affordable costs plays significant role in our position as a language service provider.  Now Artificial Intelligence is with us known as Machine Translation. Supported by customized translation memories, outcome of neural machine translation has dramatically improved in the recent years. As long as it is a feasible solution for your readers, machine translation post editing services is an option.

Translation of bulk documents    

If you have documents in bulk of various formats, we implement cost-cutting solutions. In some cases, net content subject to translation may be reduced to more than you expected with a considerable cost cut. In addition to our internal processes, our project managers are committed to remain open to discussing further project details with our customers. 


Online platforms connected to database  

Today, a lot of content are transferred to online platforms. For example: yesterday we’d been translating training manuals whereas today we are localizing e-learning modules. If localization is on the agenda, online content must be taken with special care in terms of localization. Online content may be connected to a database where large amount of registrations may be stored. In editing, XML files needs special technology and care. 


Our dedicated project managers are experienced in streamlining the each and every project steps towards minimizing risks and achieving satisfactory results.