Localization of Toyota’s management philosophy

Client: Toyota Motor Turkey

Turkey based large Toyota Car Factory manufacturing Toyota cars, and exporting to Europe.


Toyota Motor Turkey’s requirements

Mr. Guvenc, Global Operations Manager and Ms. Gonulsuz travelled to Toyota factory to meet the staff and discuss the details. In the meantime, a brief factory visit was arranged.


We signed a Service Contract with Toyota Motor Turkey.


Our solution

We committed countless premium translation and localization services for various factories and departments of Toyota Motor Turkey. The localization of Japanese Guidelines on Toyota’s Work Philosophy is worth to mention. 


Source language of the guidelines was Japanese and target language was English. Our project manager perfectly identified, booked and assigned an experienced Japanese English translator (Hiroko) with sound experience particularly in Toyota translation and localization projects. Toyota presented a corporate glossary. Mot a mot translation from Japanese to English could have resulted in a weird English because of cultural differences. So, creative writing skills of Hiroko played a positive role for a readable English language. Native English proofreader read whole translations in search for perfection in terms of style and grammer.



Our collaboration with Toyota Motor Turkey extended to almost all kinds of technical content including manuals, specifications, training materials, technical database  legal contracts etc. We also sent interpreters for on site trainings at Adapazari premises.