Localization and DTP of large products catalog

Client: Deltaplus

For more than 40 years, Delta Plus has developed, standardised, manufactured and distributed a total range of Personal Protective Equipment. 

Deltaplus’ requirements 

Deltaplus has a big product catalog that needs localization and DTP services every year.


Our solution 

As proven in time that catalog localization was a challenging project, simply because the catalogs would be distributed to the local dealers who are expert in the product specifications. Without corporate glossary, open sources wouldn’t be enough to satisfy DeltaPlus and the local dealers network. DeltaPlus reasonably offerred collaboration and a local dealer was assigned to review our translations and provided us feedback about product names, terminologies etc. Consequently, we adhered to the preferred terminologies all through the catalog in a consistent manner and built a reliable TM for future reference.



We are working with DeltaPlus well and expecting a new catalog for 2019.