Integrated Full Package Services

Posted on: 25.07.2018 20:21:05

Integrated Full Package Services

In many cases, it is reasonable to integrate the translation services to some other specialized services such as: 


  • DTP, 
  • Voice-over, 
  • Dubbing, 
  • Subtitling, 
  • Transcription etc. 


Based on their strategy and investments, some of Language Service Providers (LSP) are able to offer Integrated Full Package Solutions. Would this be at your advantage? My answer is simply Yes!


(1) if you hire the vendors individually to each step of your project such as translation, editing, transcription, typesetting, dubbing etc., project management and communication (instructions, questions and answers) requirements among those service providers will critically increase your workload. However, if you hire a single LSP for full-scale services, you will take advantage of a single-point-of-contact project manager,  coordinating all steps of project management in close communication with translators, editors, transcribers, typesetters, dubbing studio etc.


(2) if you assign a single LSP, most probably, a technically proficient team will be taking care of your project. These team members must have a history in similar kind of end-to-end projects, which would contribute to saving and efficiency to your advantage. 


(3) reasonably, well-established LSPs must be in a collaboration with highly specialized professionals from Europe, Americas, Far East and Middle East. This allows the LSP's project manager to assign the classified professionals at reasonable costs. So, the risks will be minimized.


(4) each step of your project if you hire independent service providers, the total budget is destined to increase, because each vendor calculates margin individually.  Alternatively, if you hire a single service provider for all steps of your project, additional discount is likely. Because end-to-end service provider will optimize margin at once. 



Hiring a single LSP for end-to-end services will apparently be at your advantage. Some of the LSPs can perfectly handle the combinations of translation + DTP or transcription + translation + voice-over. This could be cost effective, time saving and would prevent extra workload, helping you focusing on your own job.


Author: Volkan Güvenç 

General Coordinator 
at Alafranga Language Solutions


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