Localization of large database within short timeframe

Client: PizzaHut 

U.S. based company franchising for pizza restaurants all around the world.


PizzaHut’s requirements

Localization of large database (600K) within 30 days.


Our solution

Database was 600K words with 30 days delivery. We calculated a team of 8 translators and 2 editors could deliver 600K within 30 days as connected to common project Server-TM. The appointed translators were instructed in detail about the priorities related to this kind of project. For example, we did not have time to create a term list and for this reason, translators were requested to check TM before implementing critical project terms. As the source files were XML, a special configuration file had to be prepared so that output files can be imported without problem by our client. A project based discussion forum was put into operation to maintain fluent communication with project members. 2 Editors were appointed to follow up translations and share feedback instantly through discussion forum. One of the team members failed to deliver on time twice. This translator was replaced. In the end, we successfully managed to deliver 600K within 31 days with one day delay.



PizzaHut was satisfied and payment was received immidiately. Next, Kentucky Fried Chicken was added to the project.